Corn speedwell – Veronica arvensis

Corn speedwell

Corn speedwell

Corn speedwell flower











Corn speedwell

Veronica arvensis L.
Scrophulariaceae (Figwort family)

Life cycle
Prostrate, spreading winter annual.

Lower and middle leaves are opposite, broadly egg-shaped, hairy, short-stalked with rounded teeth along the margins. Small, narrow, bractlike upper leaves are alternate and without petioles.

Prostrate and mat-forming, with many branches that spread from the base.

Flowers and fruit
Light blue to violet, inconspicuous flowers are formed in the axils of the upper bractlike leaves on elongated flowering stems. Fruit are hairy, roundly heart-shaped capsules that contain many tiny, yellowish seeds.


Similar weeds
Purslane speedwell (Veronica peregrina L.)
Differs by having a more erect habit; hairless, oblong to linear leaves with smooth to slightly toothed margins; and tiny white flowers.

Slender speedwell
(Veronica filiformis Sm.)
Differs by having a perennial nature with stems that root at the nodes, round to kidney-shaped leaves and bluish white flowers on slender flower stalks.