Services & Fees

An invoice will be generated when sample analyses are completed.  
No payment is necessary with sample submission.
*Out-of-state fees are triple* 

Plant Health Analysis

  • Routine plant analysis – $20.00
    • Includes visual inspection of the plant sample for infectious/non-infectious diseases; assessment of insect-feeding injury and insect identification; culturing for bacteria, fungi, and oomycetes; and measurement of soil pH and soluble salts.
  • In-house ELISA tests – $20.00 
    • The first test is included in the base charge. Additional ELISA tests are available at $5.00 each.
    • The lab has limited availability of ELISA test kits for viruses and bacterial pathogens. This allows for rapid and sensitive testing for specific pathogens. Contact us to learn more about the available ELISA tests.
  • Bacterial identification (BIOLOG®) – $25.00
    • Upon request and based on culture results, a BIOLOG® metabolic analysis can be conducted.

Plant / Weed Identification

  • Plant ID – $10.00
    • Plants may be sent in or dropped off for identification. Photos of plants may also be sent via email free of charge. Please note that specific identification is not always possible from digital images.

Herbicide Resistance in Weeds

  • Testing includes multiple sites of action, based on seed quantity and quality – $90.00
  • MI Soybean growers qualify for free testing of the following species courtesy of the Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee:
    • Palmer amaranth
    • Waterhemp
    • Horseweed/marestail
    • Common lambsquarters
    • Common ragweed
    • Giant ragweed

Nematode Analysis

  • Basic nematode analysis – $25.00
    • Includes the identification of all plant-parasitic nematodes found in the soil and roots.  This is the standard nematode analysis most clients request.
  • Foliar nematode analysis – $25.00
    • Reports any nematodes detected in leaf tissue submitted to the lab.
  • Total nematode community analysis – $50.00
    • In addition to the counting and identification of plant-parasitic nematodes (basic nematode analysis), beneficial nematodes, mycorrhizal fungi, and microscopic earthworms are also counted. The nematodes are separated out into functional or trophic groups such as bacterial-feeding, fungal-feeding, and predatory.
  • Full – SCN type testing – $75.00
    • Screens against 7 sources of resistance.
  • Mini – SCN type testing – $40.00
    • Screens against 3 sources of resistance.

Verticillium Analysis (potato soil or stems only)

  • Wet sieving – $25.00
    • Ten grams of air-dried soil are plated for counting colonies of Verticillium dahliae.
  • Dilution plating – $20.00
    • Five-gram aliquots of air-dried soil are plated for counting colonies of V. dahliae.
  • Both methods – $40.00
    • Both wet-sieving and dilution-plating soil assays are performed.

Insect, Spider, Tick or Other Arthropod Identification

  • Common insect ID – No charge
    • Arthropod specimens may be sent in or dropped off for identification.  Photos of arthropods may also be sent via email free of charge.
  • Keyout insect ID – $20.00
    • There is usually no charge for insect identifications.  If the specimen requires extra time and effort (Keyout ID) then the lab will contact you before proceeding.

Pesticide Analysis Samples

  • MSU Diagnostic Services does not test for pesticide residues in-house, however, a list of recommended agencies who conduct such tests is available upon request.

Special Procedures – Contact us for procedures not described above.

Prices effective November 1, 2017
*Prices are subject to change*

Online Bill Payment

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If a pest or pathogen of regulatory concern is detected in a sample we are obligated to notify the proper regulatory officials (ex. MDARD, USDA).

For more information, please see the FAQ sheet posted online.