Michigan State University Diagnostic Services was established in 1999 through Project GREEEN as a multi-disciplinary plant health and pest diagnostic facility. Diagnosticians specializing in plant pathology, entomology, nematology, and weed science work as a team to diagnose plant health and pest-related problems. Our simple goal is to provide a timely diagnosis of the problem and appropriate recommendations of control.

We accept samples from a wide range of clients, including growers, homeowners, nursery and landscape professionals, agribusiness specialists, pest control personnel, county extension and campus specialists, regulatory agencies, etc.

Samples submitted to the laboratory can be analyzed for the presence of insect pests, plant pathogens, nematodes, or abiotic injury. We also offer plant identification services and herbicide resistance testing.

Adult female of soybean cyst nematode
Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus appears as ring spots on peppers
Bacterial streaming from a poinsettia leaf lesion
Rudbeckia psyllid nymph