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Plant Diseases
Veronica rust - Puccinia veronicae-longifoliae

Field planting

Infected plant

Leaf underside

PathogenPuccinia veronicae-longifoliae
Hosts: Veronica longifolia and V. spicata
Symptoms: Bronze, purplish overcast on the upper surface of infected foliage. Raised reddish brown pustules on the underside of the foliage. Under severe disease severity significant foliar blighting occurs.
Spread: This disease was introduced to Michigan in 2004 and was found again in 2005. The disease occurred on field grown Veronica. To date it has been a problem in very few nurseries. Long distance disease spread is thought to occur with movement of infected propagation material. Spores, produced on foliage are carried by wind currents. 
Management: Carefully inspect incoming plant material for signs of rust, pay particular attention to material that originated off shore. Plants with rust pustules or other disease symptoms should be destroyed. Fungicide applications are needed for disease control in some situations. Resistance development is a concern with this pathogen, follow recommended fungicide resistance management strategies. 

Diagnostic Services
Diagnostic Services

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