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Insects and Arthropods
Flour beetles (Tribolium sp.)

Red flour beetle adult

Confused flour beetle adults

Tribolium sp. pupa

Flour beetles (Tribolium sp.)
Flour beetles are common kitchen pests that infest milled cereal products. Adults can live up to one year. Females lay between 450 eggs among the foodstuff or on grain kernels. The small, slender, white eggs hatch in 5 to 12 days.   Emerging larvae crawl about while feeding. During the summer, the developmental period from egg to adult is about 6 weeks. These insects can infest grain products at any point from the farm storage bin to the warehouse where the finished product is stored, as well as in your own cupboard. The best method of control is to discard the infested products. Check all opened packages of flour, noodles, cereal, and even dog food and birdseed for beetles and larvae (small, white grubs). Discard any found that are contaminated. Next, thoroughly scrub cupboards and kitchen area with strong a detergent. Inspect behind and under appliances for spilled flour or other cereal products that can harbor these insects and remove up if found. Once the area is clean, any household insecticide containing pyrethrums can be applied, if you so desire, to kill those missed by the clean up. 
Be sure to read and follow all instructions and safety precautions found on the label before using any pesticide.

Diagnostic Services
Diagnostic Services

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